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What are Smart Connections™?

With Futurestay, your direct website, listings on the internet, calendars, reservations, and property information are stored in one location (your Dashboard) and powered by Smart Connections™.

You set your rules and information in Futurestay and Smart Connections™ follow them. Smart Connections™:

  • Provide real-time calendar sync and instantly update your listings everywhere they are listed.
  • Connect your properties to sites like HomeAway/VRBO, Booking.com, and get direct bookings on your own website.
  • Accept and process reservations on your behalf:
        — If a credit card fails, Smart Connections™ track it down, run it again, and let you and
        the guest know that it was successful.
        — If a guest adds or subtracts dates to their stay, Smart Connections™ will calculate
        the changes, collect or refund the guest, and notify both you and the guest of the
        reservation status.
        — Calculates and pays channel commissions on your behalf.
        And more!
  • Send email communications to the guest:
    — Including welcome emails
        — Reservation details
        — Payment status
  • Allow you to run your business from a single piece of software.
  • Allow you to develop your brand and expand your direct bookings.

Click here to learn how to turn on your Smart Connections™.