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I clicked a Smart Connection™ by mistake

If you're not ready to select a Smart Connection for your property, selec

Clicking a Smart Connection™ from "OFF" to "Pending" means that your Connection Specialist was notified that you're like a Smart Connection™ for a specific listing site.

If you clicked a Smart Connection™ to "Pending" by accident, don't worry. Send your Connection Specialist a message and let them know that you do not want the connection.

They will make a note in your account and nothing will turn "ON" or go live. The button for this connection will stay "Pending."

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and are ready to move forward with the Smart Connection™, reach out to your Connection Specialist and let them know.

Your Connection Specialist will review your account and let you know what they need for your Smart Connections™ to go Live. Once they have all of your information, they will reach out through phone or email to let you know when your connections are live.

How do I know if my Smart Connections™ are Live?

Your Dashboard will also reflect that your Smart Connections™ are Live. Your Smart Connection™ switch will change from "Pending" to "0." As you get reservations powered by Smart Connections™ you will see the zero update to reflect the number of bookings/inquiries you have received.